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Chiropractic services

If you come to us experiencing physical symptoms, such as slipped discs, gait problems or just aching joints, we will work on the underlying bio-mechanical causes of these problems, through:


• Manipulation and mobilisation of spine [back and neck], skull, and pelvis

• Manipulation and mobilisation of extremities [arms and legs, ribs, jaw]

• Soft tissue work on muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, etc.

• Lifestyle advice e.g. nutrition, exercise, use of supplements, etc.

• Help with weight reduction

Chiropractic examination and advice

Examination is initially of the spine and any area indicated by the patient, but it will always include the abdomen and external pelvis, and treatment commonly includes the abdomen, external pelvis, buttocks, and thighs.


If either examination or treatment is too painful or too intimate, or unacceptable for any other reason, the patient should tell the chiropractor immediately and it will be reduced or ceased completely as required. The patient is always in control of what happens at any time, irrespective of the content of any consent which may have been given previously.


Life style advice will be given which should be acted upon. This advice will include recommendations on drinking good quality, pure water (which patients are requested to do before attending for any treatment), exercise, and 'dos and don'ts'.

How many times must I see the chiropractor?

Patients do not usually recover after one treatment, nor is recovery guaranteed. Everyone responds differently, making recovery times difficult to predict; normal practice is to review a patient after 5 treatments before deciding if treatment has worked, needs modifying or if the patient should consult their GP.


Bear in mind, the more longstanding a complaint, the longer treatment is likely to take to work.

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